Update - Dwarves and Kreen

Been super busy at the day job lately so I haven't had much time for anything.  Dwarf production molds are complete and my initial casting order is underway.  I expect to get them in possibly by the end of the week.  Kreen production molds are done, I get test casts some time this week for approval.  Afte rthat they are good to go.  I will also be putting the TEF Superheavy and support vehicles up on the site 1st March.  I am not going to really announce the release though, as I want to wait till they are painted, but I figured I'd make them available for people that don't want to wait.

 As for future releases, I'm getting some test prototypes of the Kreen mechs now.  The Dread Elves are finished sculpting also.  2nd wave of Lizard Riders will be heading to the moldmakers in early April.  This leaves me thinking about where to go next.  On the 6mm scifi front, I'm really not sure.  Part of me wants to just concentrate on the 6mm fantasy, release a slew of new armies, maybe even some terrain.

 I have also been kicking around the idea of making a couple of starter armies for 3mm scifi, been kicking around in my head for a couple years now.  Why?  Games like Strike Legion: Planetary Ops and Future War Commander make more sense to me if they have element basing for the vehicles. Plus I like the idea of a really epic battle, with hundreds of vehicles and such involved.  CAD sculpted or not?  That is the question.  The former is much more expensive, and 3mm may not be a big seller.  Who knows, I should probably just stick to 6mm fantasy!

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