About Us

Microworld Games started from very humble beginnings in 2008.  Initially, I had only intended the company to import Dark Realm Miniatures to the US, and perhaps expand to other lines in the future.  

 As time passed, I started to get the bug to produce miniatures of my own.  A longtime fan of 6mm scifi models, I had always wished there were similar offerings for fantasy.  So, armed with very little knowledge, and lots of enthusiasm, I went about emailing casters, moldmakers and sculptors to see about getting models made.  This resulted in our first fantasy release in January of 2009.  Since then, our offerings have expanded to include multiple 6mm fantasy armies, as well as some science fiction options.  The overarching vision for the company is to one day provide the wargaming community with a 6mm fantasy line that rivals other smaller scales in terms of scope, army choice, and terrain.


Steven Salotti

Owner, Microworld Games