2014 - Looking Forward

Well, another year has come and gone and things are shaping up nicely for 6mm Fantasy.  This was a strong year with the release of the Lizardmen, Firmament, and Dark Alliance armies.  I am up to 10 armies now of what I consider a pretty eclectic variety.  I have to say that my mission of building up 6mm fantasy is further along than I ever thought it would be. 

Besides the Kreen mechs I have pretty much neglected 6mm scifi, and I have had a few people send me emails and ask why.  There are a couple of reasons for this, but primarily I have to say it is competition.  There is just too much cool stuff out there!  Dark Realm, Onslaught Miniatures, Steel Crown, C-in-C, Troublemaker, and now Khurusan…the 6mm scifi scene is spoilt for choice!  Besides 6mm, we also now have 10mm competition  In 10mm you have Dropzone Commander with some pretty awesome models, and come April 2014 Spartan is dipping their toe in with Firestorm Invasion with I think something like 6(!) full armies on release.

That is not to say I am forsaking 6mm scifi.  I have some scifi beastmen nd minotaurs with guns that were commissioned as test pieces with a new sculptor which should be released around February.  Sometime around March I will be releasing a new Kreen heavy support quad mech and a gunship, along with some new infantry later.  The Foundationists are going to get a couple new infantry packs, and I have been toying with commissioning some light vehicles for them as well.  Also, the remaining TEF vehicles will come back into production by next month I believe.  Besides all of this, one of my concept artists mentioned that he had some scifi concepts in mind, so more on that as it develops.

Switching gears back to 6mm Fantasy, I have a lot of great stuff planned for 2014.  The Beastkin range will be finished off with a March/April release featuring faun foot troops, Dire Boars, and a giant Mammothtaur.  Following that, a full goblin army is being worked on, the release of which will also include an Orc lord on a Wyvern and an Orc Boar chariot.

After that, I am committed to rounding out the Wood Elf, Undead, and Dwarf ranges.  I can’t really specify exactly when all of them should be released, but I imagine it will be by the end of the year.  I can also say that the year will close with a full Demon army as well.

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