Fall 2014 Update

Well, I certainly haven't done a good job of keeping this updated.  For more frequent updates and teasers, definitely head over to the Microworld Games sub-forum on the Tactical Command site.  That being I should be posting here more often.


Looking at my last update, I'm happy to say most things have come to fruition.  The only things left on my list are the additional Dwarf and Wood Elf releases, as well as the Demon Army.  The Dwarves are currently being painted and should be up in the store in about a week or so.  The Wood Elves will be a bit delayed as the sculpting for them is still underway.  The Demon army is about 90% complete, but I couldn't help adding a few extra sculpts to the list, so they also are being slightly delayed.


At this point I have a ton of completed sculpts awaiting release, so many in fact, that I doubt I can release them all next year.  I have considered crowdfunding to pay for moldmaking, or preferably some sort of pre-order drive through the store itself.  I would definitely be interested in hearing people's opinions on the matter.  With regard to scheduled  releases for next year, It will likely be some Wood Elves (unless I can push them out this year), followed by some combination of Demons, Ogres, and Wildlands army releases.  Any further releases for next year beyond those armies will be dictated by overall sales.

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