Stock Shortages and UK Shipping Updates

I figured it was time to post a new news item, considering it has been 3 years and I have had several people mail me asking if I was still up and running (which I am).  There are also some housekeeping things to address concerning shipments to the UK, stock levels, and future plans.

First, due to changes in UK import policy, as of January 1st of this year, all orders under 135 GBP are required to have the VAT tax collected at the point of sale, rather than collected from the recipient at the point of import.  This would mean that I would need to register for VAT with the UK and remit the tax every 4 months, which I am not really inclined to do.  As such, I have been forced to open an Etsy shop to operate in parallel with my actual online store, as Etsy collects the VAT for me.  Now, the good part in this is that while UK customers ordering via my Etsy shop will need to pay tax up front, they will not receive any additional tax surcharges upon receiving their order.  So it will likely end up cheaper for UK customers in the long run.  As a note, the same changes will be taking effect for the EU as of July 1st I believe.

I do not yet have all of my products listed on the Etsy shop yet, which brings us to our second issue: stock levels.  I have been experiencing some instability in my stock levels for certain items and have been forced to remove a handful of things from the store for the time being.  This is due to a variety of factors, the most significant of which being the untimely death of my casting machine several weeks ago.  Unfortunately, I was not able to repair it myself, and I was forced to ship it back to the manufacturer.  I should have it back in my possession by early next week.  I hope to have all the stock issues resolved by April’s end, at which time I should also have nearly all of my most popular items up on the Etsy store. 

This has been a rough year so far, but there are lots of releases to look forward to, hopefully all issues should be resolved before the onset of summer and we can roll on with all the planned releases and Kickstarters.

Link to the Etsy shop:

MicroworldGames on Etsy


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