2018 Plans and Release Schedule

It has once again been quite some time since my last update on here, and just like last time, I have been spurred on by someone asking if I am still actually in business.  In the extremely likely event that I am not successful in updating the news section of the site more often, you can always find the most up to date news from our Facebook page, or for the non-facebook folks, our dedicated section of the Tactical Command forums.

We recently released our first foray into 15mm fantasy, but we still have a ton of new releases to push out this year, with most everything to come having been previewed at some time or another over the past 18 months (see either of the links above).  With a small business such as this, where most of the development work is contracted out, it is sometimes difficult to gauge exact timelines for a given project.  Things tend to shift in release order depending on the schedules of the various moldmakers, sculptors and artists.  As such, the list below is more of a general indication of what I would like to release this year in the approximate order in which we would like things to appear, unless otherwise noted.

  • Random 6mm Fantasy / Historical packs (2-headed giants, Spanish Renaissance Command)
  • 3mm Scifi vehicles and buildings
  • 6mm Fantasy Ratkin
  • 6mm Fantasy Lesser Goblins
  • 6mm Fantasy Elven Kingdoms (the position of the goblins and elves may or may not flip flop, one or the other may also be pushed to after the fantasy naval first releases)
  • Fantasy Naval fleets – Orcs and Dwarves
  • 6mm Fantasy Great Goblins
  • Fantasy Naval fleets – Dark Alliance
  • 6mm Fantasy Bugbears
  • Fantasy Naval fleets – Elven Kingdoms

That is probably about as much as we can expect to fit in this year, although we are considering doing a Kickstarter for the next wave of 15mm fantasy troops (barbarians) since they are all sculpted and ready to go.

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